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Speech on independence day :

Speech on independence day 2018
Speech on independence day 2018 

Honorable  teachers and friends, 

Today we are gathered here for a very big event and this is independence day 2018. 
Now we are sitting here and feel free because long time ago our brave indian fight from british rule and give their previous life in early age to get freedom for us and our nation. 
In past india was not looking like present and they had no freedom  for do anything in their daily life and  they live his life according to the British government and their rule. 
They had no option to study in school and collage like us because in their time only reachest father's son had a opportunity for study and if we are talking about girl so as you can see in freedom country thats  opposite happened in past. 
After study if we are talking about health department, in this field people don't know about hospital and his facilities because british government not provided any health facilities in rural area. 
People do work hard and get half amount of rupees of their work. 
And then farmer's condition are poor in india because they had no enough crop to live his life and then british had no kind for their and they takes lots amount of crop as a taxes. 
On this situation many of indian people stand up against british goverment but they had not enough people and big group by this cause they no live more against british goverment. 
And after this situation many  big people stand up against british goverment like neta ji, aajad, gangadhar,gandhiji and they take many of attacks against british goverment. 
After gandhi ji  came in india complete his low study in london, they take a big movement in champaran thats called indigo. 
After indigo movements gandhiji  become famous in india and indian start to belive in gandhiji. 
And then gandhiji get popularity  in india they can start make a big group and stand up against british. 
Many of attempts fails but mahatma gandhi never belive in failure and they take regularly big movement against british. 
In the end british understand the struggle of india and they agree to leave india. 
After all we got freedom in august 15,1947.
We got freedom on this date so this cause we celebrate independence day every year on this date.

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