Happy independence day 2018 wishes

Happy independence day wishes :

Independence day is a very  big cecelebration for every country who get freedom from enemy or rules. 

But now if we talk about freedom, this is a common word in our world beause now every nation get his freedom(otherwise 2&3nation).

And now everyone celebrate that day when he get freedom. 

So that we are share some happy independence day 2018 wishes that cause you can celebrate your nation independence day with your friends. 

Happy independence day wishes:

Happy independence day 2018 wishes
Happy independence day 2018 wishes 

"I am not talking about you
i am not talking about these
and i am not talking  about everyone 
i am talking about my nation 
because my  nation is free

" Now we are secure
Now we are free 
Because my country is free
And we get freedom
Happy independence day 2018" 

"Now we are together

Be the reason for the unity
Make it good day another
Fight against who don't wanna our freedom
Spiral the flag of On NATION

Happy Independence Day"

"Today we are very from nation

Now we are walking on way
And we wanna go to my nation
Because tomorrow is a special day
It is a independence day
Happy independence day 2018 "

Happy independence day 2018 wishes
Happy independence day 2018 wishes 

" We all should feel pretty proud of us fabulous nation. There are some good wishes to make this day truly memorable with a feeling of patriotism in each one of us" 

"No nation is mature

It's need to be made mature"

"No one can make smile on every face
No one share his happiness with everyone 
but one thing can do this
This thing is nation
So we can share this thing happiness with each other 
Happy independence day 2018 "

" What things make us happy
Money, this is absolutely not
This thing is freedom of our nation
Happy indindepende day" 

"I'm not alone 
but I'm not with my friends
Who is with us, can you gugues
Yes you are right
I'm with my nation
Happy independence day"

Friends! Friends! Friends! 
Let's go
But where
Remember we are going for nanation anthem 
Happy independence day 

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